The Ultimate Pro Street Chopper Kit

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800.00 LBS
Minimum Purchase:
69999 units
$20,000.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

The Ultimate ProStreet Chopper Kit has high-end everything. Starting with the SLX frame that has a single sided swingarm, custom fit & fabrication, and many other options that take it over the top. All of the motorcycles built in our shop with the build your own motorcycle program will also be assigned a 17-digit Art In Motion LLC VIN. The kit pricing shipped to your location includes all part MCO’s required to register the bike properly. Call (407) 847-0119 or use the contact form at the bottom of the page. The motorcycle shown in the photos is a custom motorcycle that we built for a customer in England. It has additional options and assembly costs not listed in the kit price below.

Below is a very expensive version of the kit at  $ 63,955.   This motorcycle may require some amount of design time depending on how you want it modified.  There are many options on this list, so you can reduce or increase the price depending on your selections. 

  Rolling thunder SLX Regular frame   with single sided swing arm and radius down tube
  Rolling thunder oil tank
  Gas tank
  Rear fender 13″ wide
  Rear fender bracket
  Triple tree bearing
  Dust shields
  Front fender allowance
  Springer front end
  Springer chrome
  Springer chrome fender brackets
  shark tooth accents chrome
  hidden stops
  Turn signal brackets
  Internal brake line
  Custom Controls with switches   and gauge
  Custom leather tooled seat
Tires and wheels
  Rear wheel 18×10.5 Eddie Trotta   Cyher chrome
  Rear Tire Avon 300/35-18 with E   designation
  Mount and Balance Rear tire
  Front wheel 23×3.5 Eddie Trotta   Cyher chrome
  Front Tire Avon 120/70-21 with E   designation
  Change Front Tire Avon 130/60VR21   with E designation
  Add for caps on rear axle
  TP 124 Engine show polished,   powder coated above 1st fin from bottom of cylinder and show diamond cut   heads and jugs.
  Add for polished 45MM mikuni   carburetor and manifold
  Oil filter mount
  Baker RSD 6 speed chrome transmission
  Add for billet chrome
  Baker clutch release assembly   hydraulic chrome
  Baker drive offset sprocket
  Rivera Primo 3″ Belt drive   polished
  EK Chain ZVX series X-ring chain   10,560# TS Chrome
  Chain tensioner
Fuel air and oil
  DM-425 Air filter
  DM-54 Air filter mounting kit 45mm   Mikuni
  Petcock Pingle vacuum operated
  SS Braided fuel lines, filter and   fittings
  Reusable billet oil filter show   polished Chrome filter in chrome allowance below
  SS Braided Oil lines
  Lucas 20w-50 oil
  Pipes chrome
  Add turn out claw
  Add Quiet baffle
  Add Chrome primary tube heat   shields
  Add Chrome collector heat shield
  Gaskets, flanges and hardware   chrome
  360 Brake including all mounting parts and hardware front
  4 piston brake caliper rear allowance Using HHI Sproter modified
  Machine work, welding and fitment   of custom designed caliper
  Brake lines and fittings
  Brake line tee
  Stop light switch
  HHI Forward Controls
  Custom cycle controls handle bars   without gauges Stealth or phantom
  Add Grips other than the ones CCC   has available
  Shifter rod including hemi joint ends
  Coil Daytona twin tech single fire
  Coil mount
  Coil cover w/mount
  Ignition switch
  Accel thundersport wire
  Charging system Spyke 32 amp chrome
  Control and lighting module
  ARSE keyless system
  Compufire 2.0 starter
  Saber mirror w/ gauges and lights
  Speed sensor
  Directional lights
  License plate bracket and light allowance total price to be determined when design is complete
  Fuse holder w/ fuse
  1/4″ wire harness cover   chrome
  3/8″ wire harness cover   chrome
  Chrome tywraps
  Battery strap 10″
  Tail Light allowance
  deluxe kit LED set white
  Horn allowance
  Battery AGM
  Wire and connectors
  Limit switch for bike to height   before starting
  Wiring Labor
  Alarm system allowance Scorpio   alarm
  Hardware chrome
  Shop Fee
  Design time
Custom fab.
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