AIM Customs

cerberus-prostreet-chopper.jpgArt In Motion LLC is known for its innovative, yet cost-effective custom motorcycle designs. Each kit is designed for YOU. It can include things like frenched fenders, custom pipes, custom bars and other details. How to start earning your BYOB discount?   Don't get stuck with just a roller and no help:

  • Describe your dream bike - here
  • Call us at (407) 847-0119 and work with us to create a design and  build plan
  • Get a quote - we quote as finished or unfinished as you want- from rolling chassis to finished build.  Discounts are applied and shown then.

No two kits are the same and we include everything you need, except custom finishes in our kit pricing. We can also assemble the kit for you.  Learn more about titling options.

Bike-In-A-Box Motorcycle Kit Examples 

All bikes built at the Art In Motion shop are assigned a 17-digit Federal VIN.  All kits shipped to customers unassembled include all manufacturer certificate of origin for major component parts to support registration.  See our Florida "Special Construction Title" page for details on registration of your assembled kit for when you assemble it 100% at home. 

Call (407) 847-0119 or click here to contact us