50-State Legal V96R Replacement Engines - Natural

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450.00 LBS
$275.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

The V96R engine is a 50 state, street legal replacement engine for 1984-1999 Harley- Davidson® big twins with Evolution® engines. Sharing many of the same components as the performance V96 engine, the California approved V96R comes equipped with S&S Super Stock® heads and forged pistons.


  • Fits 1984-1998 carbureted, non catalytic converter bikes

Features & Benefits:

  • Nearly stock height engine makes installation easy
  • S&S Super E carburetor with Teardrop air cleaner
  • S&S forged roller rocker arms
  • Chrome gearcover, tappet covers, and rocker covers
  • No certification problems - documentation and compliance stickers included
  • CARB EO D-355-5

50-State V96R Engine Specs

Displacement    Bore      Stroke   Camshaft             Piston Type        Compression Ratio

96"                3-5/8"    4-5/8"      520                  S&S forged            10.1:1


  • Gearing must be stock or have an N/V Ratio* lower than stock.
  • A stock non-catalyst exhaust system must be used.
  • The stock evaporative system must be retained and connected to the engine as shown in the manual.
  • S&S® replacement engines are only for use as a replacement engine in 1984-’98 Harley-Davidson motorcycles originally equipped with a carbureted, non-catalyst, big twin Evolution® engine. They may not be used in any new or previously registered custom motorcycles.
  • *Engine rpm divided by miles per hour in top gear.
  • This replacement engine is only legal when used to replace a stock 80" Evolution® engine.  CARB compliance stickers must be affixed to frame.
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